Couchtuner – Alternatives to Couchtuner 2.0

couchtuner 2.0

Presently, There are many platforms and services that offer our favorite TV shows, movies and other online content for streaming. The number of these services has been rising consistently and today there are many big players have entered in the game. But there was a time when this segment was dominated by CouchTuner.

If you do not know about the CouchTuner then let me tell you that it is one of the oldest platform that offered free content to its users. It offered free movies, TV shows to its users for streaming without registration. It had everything to make it the most popular platform.

Even though it had some problems but it overcame all those problems and it is still running today the same way, it used to run many years ago. The only wrong thing with CouchTuner is that it is illegal in most of the countries. That is why, People have started looking for alternatives of CouchTuner.

There are many alternatives of CouchTuner that are not only legal but also provide high quality content to its users. These platforms are not free and charge some fee for their services but the best thing about them is that they are legal in every country.

Best Alternatives to Couchtuner 2.0

  1. Hulu

Hulu is one of the giant streaming service. It is based in the United States. It is known for streaming TV shows and movies online. Hulu is not free, It is a subscription on-demand service. While CouchTuner it also provides legal streaming services unlike CouchTuner.

Hulu has two plans, one is no Commercials plan that will cost you $11.99/month, while the other is Limited Commercials plan that will cost around $7.99/month. Hulu is available on many different platforms thus you can use it on your different devices.

At Hulu you will get, exclusive full series, top cable series, Hulu’s Original Series, reality TV favorites, Kids programming, late-night talk shows, and there are much more.

  1. Rainierland

Rainierland is also one of the CouchTuner alternative. It allows you to watch TV shows and movies for free of cost. You are not required to fill your credit card details when you sign up for this service. It is a free of cost service thus you are served with a lot of pop up ads.

Rainierland has a user friendly design with easy to use interface. At Rainierland it is very easy to find our favourite content. Also the quality of the content is excellent and the number shows and movies is large.

Team at Rainierland continuously update their database and try to provide the best experience to its users. There are many pros of this service but the service is not flawless there are cons too. The major drawback of this service is its ads. When you use this then you are regularly served with lots of annoying ads which ruins the experience.

  1. Solar Movies

Solar Movie is also a free online streaming service. which can be called the perfect alternative to CouchTuner. It has tons of movies and TV shows to offer to its users. Solar movies has tons of features to offer. The best feature is its search box, you can use that search box to search a specific movie or TV Show.

It has a beautifully designed platform that looks soothing to the eyes. It has a filter that has “New Movies,” “Most popular,” “HD Movies,” “Latest,” Coming Soon,” listing.

The only major difference between the Solar Movie and CouchTuner is that Solar Movies will require you to register/sign up before you can watch any movie or TV show. It is not the case with CouchTuner as it doesn’t require any registrations.

  1. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is not an alternative of CouchTuner but it is a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Entertainment. It is known for providing free TV shows and movies. Sony’s crackle can be accessed through many different platforms, it supports many different platforms. You can access it through your laptop, tablets, phones, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, and play station. Their is a major difference between CouchTuner and Sony crackle. CouchTuner is a pirate and illegal site, while the Sony Crackle is a legal and genuine site. There is no harm while using it as it is safe.

It is an ad-supported service, which means it displays ads for providing free content to its users. Although it is legal and safe to use, It lacks behind in number of TV shows and movies it offers. The number is comparatively low but quality is very high. It is a geo-blocked service and available in selected countries. Thus, you you will need a VPN to get the access of this service.

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  1. Porpcornflix

Porpcornflix is also a CouchTuner’s alternative that is safe and completely legal to use. It is an American based service which runs on ad-supported model. It has many awesome features and content. It offers full length movie streaming services to its users, that too without any cost.

This service will not ask you to sign up, When you open the website you are all set and ready to watch your favorite movie. Popocornflix has two websites which are dedicated for kids and horror movie lovers respectively.…/couchtuner-2-0…/…/…/…/couchtuner-alternative-similar-sites-2018…/best-couchtuber/fee-online-movies-and-also-the-benefits…/couchtuneralternatives…/online-movies-transform-the-watching-experience/…/online-motion-picture-forums-amusement-democracy-for-customers—producers…/online-movie-rental-websites…/what-makes-a-television-program-good-…/couchtuner-20-similar-sites…/


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